Since 1999, we’ve pioneered authentic, culturally immersive school trips to destinations across Asia. Each trip is tailored to your school’s curriculum and your students’ unique learning needs.

Our vision for students

To provide a personally, intellectually and professionally transformative Asia experience for students, by making a positive impact in the communities with which we work.

Our mission

Through life-changing travel experiences, we equip students to respond to complex cultural contexts with agility, curiosity and compassion. We also awaken students to their global citizenship and help instigate the life-long process of understanding complex issues – things like poverty, development and environmental change.

10 principles behind your school trip

We bring our mission to life through 10 essential principles, which underpin every school trip we run.

1. An Asia-centric future

By 2030, two thirds of the world’s middle class will live and work in Asia. Our school trips to Asia help your students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in an increasingly mobile, interconnected world of work. Not only do we transform your students into their best and brightest selves – we also give them a professional Asia advantage they’ll have for life.

2. Intercultural intelligence

Through travel, we nurture students’ understanding and respect for different cultures, religions and ways of life. They’ll gain a deeper understanding of their own culture as distinct from others and a more global outlook on life. These capabilities are the basis of intercultural intelligence – a vital skill-set that allows students to engage across cultural and international boundaries.

3. Learning through lived experience

Our trips have a strong focus on cultural immersion. For students, this means interacting directly and authentically with local people, learning through hands-on collaboration and mutual exchange, and understanding different lifestyles by living within them.

4. Community development

Community development is a way of working that ensures your school trip benefits both students and local communities. All community service projects we offer are sustainable, collaborative and community-led. Visit Communities We Help to learn more.

5. Personal growth

Travelling to Asia broadens students’ attitudes, opens their minds to new opinions and teaches them the value of perspectives other than their own. As they travel, we encourage them to grow their self-awareness, increase their independence, and develop the confidence to confront new challenges.

6. Community service projects

Many of our school trips include a community service component, where students apply what they’ve learned to solve real community problems. These projects are often a catalyst for students to reflect on larger issues and understand the responsibility they have as members of a global community. See Communities You’ll Help for more information.

7. Your school’s mission

Different schools have different strategic aims and we help you plan a school trip to meet yours. We work with you to achieve clarity in purpose, so you can get buy-in and support from your school’s executive team, fellow educators, students and parents.

8. Meeting local students

Something remarkable happens when travelling students interact with local students and peers. Not only do they develop skills in communication and cross-cultural teamwork – they also often experience a change in their attitudes to developmental issues and towards other cultures.

9. Flexibility

As teachers, we know that travel with students means working in the present moment. While we strive to create activity-rich itineraries that encourage students to stay engaged, we also work flexibly, and appreciate that we can’t predict students’ experiences or expect particular responses from them.

10. Encouraging reflection

As we immerse your students in new cultures and perspectives, we also encourage personal reflection. We compel students to actively question the value of their trip each time they step outside their comfort zone, and to articulate the knowledge and personal insights they’ve gained along the way.

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