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There’s more to Thailand than pristine beaches and shimmering tropical sunsets. Swap the tourist clichés for an immersive, culturally rich school trip to Asia’s geographical heart.

Our extensive local knowledge of Thailand’s landscapes and livelihoods will inform every activity you do. You’ll be welcomed by Thai people’s hospitality and touched by their smiling outlook on life. And you’ll see your students develop resilience and teamwork skills as they work on meaningful community projects. Naturally, we’ll brief you on cultural customs – like what to wear to temples and why to treat images of the king with respect – before your trip starts.

Thank you for an amazing, authentic and fulfilling experience to Thailand. You professionalism and organisation, and the ease with which we travelled, were invaluable. Hung, our tour guide, was an absolute gem. His energy, humour and knowledge definitely rubbed off on students. Over the course of the trip there were numerous highlights – the culture, history, food, rafting and Muay Thai kickboxing to name a few.

Ben RobbinsPhysical Education Teacher, Geelong College

Design your own unique curriculum

Every trip we run is customised to your school’s curriculum, budget, student needs and educational goals. Here are just a few of the exciting ways your students can learn in Thailand:

Explore ecology in diverse natural environments

Trek through towering rainforest to visit Burmese refugees and learn about their lives. Kayak tranquil lakes to reflect on water ecology and build an irrigation system with a local community. Encounter wildlife, contemplate biodiversity and practise ecological conservation.

Ignite new ideas through geography and cultural studies

Witness urban change on a megacity scale in busy Bangkok. Visit remote agricultural villages encircled by rice paddies and learn about rural-to-urban migration. Connect with Thailand’s many hill tribe communities, each with their own history, language, art and culture.

Greet the Golden Triangle, where Asian nations meet

Examine checkpoints at Thailand’s northern river borders, designed to prevent illegal immigrants and illicit goods. Visit the Opium Museum to learn about the cross-border drug trade and efforts to stop it. Collaborate on practical, community-led projects in borderland refugee settlements.

Show your students Thailand’s sacred side

Discover lost empires in the crumbling ruins of ancient Siamese kingdoms. Climb steep steps to iconic Buddhist temples and spiritual shrines. Meditate with Buddhist monks, observe colourful ceremonies and compare different religious beliefs and practices.

Add extra insight with student-led learning

By letting your students co-design their Thailand tour, you’ll give them ownership over their activities and agenda. You’ll also make sure your school trip meets their specific strengths, interests and knowledge gaps.

In Thailand, your students can choose from a range of fun local activities like:

Thai cooking classes with local chefs

World War II museums and memorial sites

Local living, street food and markets

Zip-lining or kayaking

Mountain biking, rafting and trekking

Muay Thai

Sample Itineraries

Whatever your students want to learn, we’ll help you create the perfect program. Check out our sample itineraries to get a taste of your school’s next adventure.

Note: Remember, these sample itineraries can be modified to suit your learning objectives and budget. The prices are guides only and subject to change.

Bangkok, Ayutthaya & Northern Thailand


9 Days

Cost Per Student

Thailand Week Without Walls


6 Days

Cost Per Student

Thailand to Cambodia A Journey Overland


11 Days

Cost Per Student

Thailand – Country & Contrasts


11 Days

Cost Per Student

Custom itinerary

Our sample itineraries are an example of what’s possible, based on trips we’ve previously run. For a custom itinerary that caters to your school’s unique needs, please get in touch by completing the form below.

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