New Zealand

‘Indigenous culture (Maoridom), physical geography, outdoor adventure, environmental initiatives and sustainable tourism

Home to an enduring indigenous culture, a proud heritage of sport and vivid scenery – New Zealand can be as relaxed or as action-packed as you want. New Zealand is also a safe and welcoming destination, perfect for students interested in social justice issues, adventure pursuits, natural history and environmental matters.

First settled by the Māori culture over 800 years ago, New Zealand was later colonised by European immigrants whose warrior custodians demanded a reconciliatory approach to their settling in the country –  a feature of its founding that most nations who endure colonisation did not enjoy.

A nation defined by its isolationism, New Zealanders are friendly people with a laidback not-so-politically-correct attitude and an obsession with sport. In the relatively short time that it has existed as a sovereign state, this beautiful country has forged a unique identity, leading the world in issues of women’s and indigenous rights, the anti-nuclear movement, as well as conservation initiatives.

Students who make the effort to journey to New Zealand will enjoy landscapes with no equal, authentic cultural interaction, and outdoor purists unequalled anywhere on the planet in this safe and friendly Asian-Pacific island state.

”All our New Zealand travel programs are specifically designed for high school students and are as comprehensive and engaging as they are fulfilling. All trips are overseen by our New Zealand director who has arranged travel for many thousands of students throughout the Asia-Pacific region for the last 25 years – quite an accolade we know!

David EalesDirector

Design your own unique curriculum

Every trip we run is customised to your school’s curriculum, budget, student needs and educational goals. Here are just some of the exciting ways your students can learn in New Zealand:

Delve into New Zealand’s Maori / British Colonial past

Learn about the signing of the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi and the important distinction between governorship and sovereignty. Visit old Maori Wars battle sites and explore ancient villages complete with ramparts and cooking pits. Discover the reasons for the rejuvenation of Maori culture and identity in sports and society today. Learn how Maori tribes deal with land rights issues, the English style of government and the monarchy.

Embrace New Zealand through extraordinary adventures

Board a speedboat or a white water raft and cruise wild rivers, take a cable car ride up steep mountain tops, enjoy the ski slopes in the Southern Alps, swim with the dolphins, see whales, mountain bike over rocky or scenic terrain. Relax in hot pools, test your skills and nerves on vertical treetop challenges or enjoy sea kayaking, tobogganing and luges.

Understand New Zealand’s innovative industries and unique business skills

Learn about New Zealand’s famous “100% Pure New Zealand” branding campaign and global image that helps sell food products, quality crafts and international tourism. Meet business owners of small and medium business enterprises who will explain their stories and pathways to success.  Delve into the country’s famous film industry and visit studio workshops,  former film sets and listen to experts that have produced blockbuster movies all filmed in New Zealand such as Mission Impossible 6, Vertical Limit, The Last Samurai, Wolverine and The Hobbit.

Natural Geography, society & culture, politics & competitive sports-themed tours

Discover volcanoes,  fault lines,  glaciers, earthquake-damaged Christchurch and Kaikoura, fiords and sounds – New Zealand is a country of geographical wonders and phenomenon. Learn about the role of women in government past and present, the Rainbow Warrior incident, New Zealand’s handling of refugees and US nuclear ships, the Polynesian influx and the country as a leader in Asia-Pacific affairs. For sports enthusiasts, we can design sports tours that include netball, rugby, rugby league, skiing as well as learn about New Zealand’s thriving sports industry.

Add extra insight with student-led learning

By letting your students co-design their New Zealand tour, you will give them ownership over their activities and agenda. You will also make sure your school trip meets their specific strengths, interests and knowledge gaps.

In New Zealand, your students can choose from a range of fun local activities like:

River cruises to explore fiords, sounds and ancient rainforests

Visit a local school to attend a Maori culture class and play sport

Visit a Maori marae (meeting houses), pa (old villages) and ‘Maori Wars’ sites

Bungy jumping, jet boating, white water rafting, skiing

Zip-lining, kayaking, mountain biking & trekking

Whales, seals & dolphins encounter

Sample Itineraries

Whatever your students want to learn, we’ll help you create the perfect program. Check out our sample itineraries to get a taste of your school’s next adventure.

Note: These are sample itineraries that are able to be run as described or modified to suit your educational objective, learnings aims or budget. All prices are guides and subject to change.

Southern Explorer


12 Days

Cost Per Student

Week without walls


8 Days

Cost Per Student

North Island Landscapes & Culture


9 Days

Cost Per Student

North to South Adventure


11 Days

Cost Per Student

Custom itinerary

The above are only samples of previously organised tours. For a custom itinerary that caters to your requirements please contact us and provide the following details.

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