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Seeking the most adventurous and rewarding journey in Asia? Nothing rivals Myanmar. Join a new wave of explorers venturing to the region’s final frontier.

Praised for its beauty and criticised for its politics, Myanmar (also known as Burma) is a fast-changing society of hospitable and gracious people. From its friendly capital, Yangon, to its respectful regional provinces, you’ll be welcomed by locals eager to share their lifestyle and learn about yours.

Discover Myanmar’s mind-blowing mix of customs, cultures and cuisines – the influence of surrounding Asian countries, rural traditions and Britain’s former colonial rule. Learn everyday etiquette like how to greet Burmese people, how to haggle gently in markets and which hand to eat with. However you prefer to travel – trishaw, trekking or horse and cart – our experienced tour leaders are ready to share their safe, enchanting and evolving country with you.

Since 2013, our high school has travelled annually to Myanmar with Student Educational Adventures. They provide engaging and meaningful programs and their pre-planning is exemplary. From the moment our flight lands to our final departure, they coordinate all accommodation, activities, guides, meals and transportation. Each program is an outstanding blend of partnership with a local community on a targeted project, immersion in the country’s culture, and invigorating adventure. I highly recommend their learning activities, safety standards and care for students.

Julie JamesGlobal Action Program Director, International School of Kuala Lumpur

Design your own unique curriculum

Every trip we run is customised to your school’s curriculum, budget, student needs and educational goals. Here are just some of the exciting ways your students can learn in Myanmar:

Analyse politics and power, democracy and dictatorship

Examine the economic and social changes opening Myanmar to the outside world. Uncover the country’s military past and its ongoing persecution of Rohingya refugees. Meet workers from the National League for Democracy and understand the challenges of life in an emerging democracy.

Build new futures through practical, community-led projects

Swap skills with rural villagers as you work together to construct new buildings, maintain schools and improve gardens. Practise bricklaying, cement mixing and frame construction under the supervision of tradesmen. Spend time with local young people and learn about their lives and aspirations.

Discover age-old faith on the path to peace

Contemplate karma, suffering and enlightenment through Theravada Buddhism, Myanmar’s main religion. Visit monasteries and join novice monks in meditation and yoga. Explore eminent religious sites, from Yangon’s sublime Shewdagon Paya to the ancient capital of Bagan, home to more than 4,000 breathtaking stupas.

Meet minority cultures and wonder at a different way of life

Hike into forested hills to meet minority ethnic groups like the Pa-O and Danaw tribes. Visit magnificent Inle Lake and marvel at the local Intha people’s floating gardens and stilt-house villages, temples and markets. Board a longboat to learn about biodiversity, agriculture and ecology, and try rowing in local fishermen’s one-legged style.

Add extra insight with student-led learning

By letting your students co-design their Myanmar tour, you’ll give them ownership over their activities and agenda. You’ll also make sure your school trip meets their specific strengths, interests and knowledge gaps.

In Myanmar, your students can choose from a range of fun local activities like:

Trekking, kayaking and cycling

Local living, street food and markets

Ayeyarwaddy River cruises

Visits to local schools

Burmese cooking classes

Sample Itineraries

Whatever your students want to learn, we’ll help you create the perfect program. Check out our sample itineraries to get a taste of your school’s next adventure.

Note: Remember, these sample itineraries can be modified to suit your learning objectives and budget. The prices are guides only and subject to change.

Beyond Yangon


9 Days

Cost Per Student

Myanmar – A New Perspective


13 Days

Cost Per Student

A Week Without Walls


6 Days

Cost Per Student

Custom itinerary

Our sample itineraries are an example of what’s possible, based on trips we’ve previously run. For a custom itinerary that caters to your school’s unique needs, please get in touch by completing the form below.

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