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Japan is a cultural kaleidoscope, where traditional customs meet unconventional new trends in an ever-changing mix. It’s the ideal place to develop cultural agility and a greater interest in international issues and global industries.

For a country that excels in making cars, robots, consumer electronics and computers, Japan also shines at creating harmony in day-to-day life. People wearing traditional kimono pass by youth dressed in cosplay. Imperial palaces and feudal castles mingle with skyscrapers and crowded crosswalks. In one shop, handmade sushi; in another, packaged instant noodles.

Experiencing Japan’s distinct culture is a sure way to deepen your students’ respect for cultures other than their own. Before you arrive, we’ll guide you through the intricacies of Japanese etiquette – from talking softly in public, to taking your shoes off before you enter a home.

Our trip was a truly educational, once-in-a-lifetime journey. It provided experiences that students would not have had if they'd travelled with their parents or with travel companies. Our students loved the food and the thoughtful inclusions and flexibility your staff provided. Staying in ryokans was a real treat, as was the cycle trip around Kyoto with the locals.

Our key aim was for students to learn about Asian business culture and ethical practice, and the mix of activities was fulfilling and really demonstrated business concepts in action. Highlights for students were visiting Nagoya’s mass automated assembly lines, visiting the Bank of Japan in Tokyo and learning kaizen strategy, as well as meeting their contemporaries to discuss the Kyoto Protocol. Thanks again for a fabulous trip.

Gareth McKinnonMiddle School Teacher, Seoul Foreign School

Design your own unique curriculum

Every trip we run is customised to your school’s curriculum, budget, student needs and educational goals. Here are just a few of the exciting ways your students can learn in Japan:

Find the future in cutting edge tech and real-life robots

Develop an innovation mindset with Japan’s leading technology, IT and robotics research companies. Explore the latest hi-tech gadgets in Tokyo’s Akhihabara district and meet Japan’s most famous humanoid robot. Build your car industry knowledge at Yokohama’s Nissan factory and uncover food technology secrets at an instant noodle museum.

Polish your global business skills in the world’s third largest economy

Meet influential middle managers to skill up on Japanese work culture and business etiquette. Visit The Bank of Japan to see how central banks maintain Asian currencies and control inflation. Discover how Japan’s economy recovered after World War II to become a global centre of finance and trade.

Embrace Japan’s unique culture through extraordinary adventures

Board a high-speed shinkansen (bullet train), explore Kyoto’s temples and bamboo forests by bike, then enjoy a fun & physical Kendo or Judo martial arts class. Exchange your English language for Japanese at a local school. Contemplate peace in Hiroshima, or learn the history of geisha in Gion.

Add extra insight with student-led learning

By letting your students co-design their Japan tour, you’ll give them ownership over their activities and agenda. You’ll also make sure your school trip meets their specific strengths, interests and knowledge gaps.

In Japan, your students can choose from a range of fun local activities like:

Traditional Japanese arts, like manga, calligraphy and anime

Martial arts, such as kendo and aikido

Contemporary art galleries and design studios

Sushi-making and tea ceremonies

Japanese language classes

Sumo Wrestling

Sample Itineraries

Whatever your students want to learn, we’ll help you create the perfect program. Check out our sample itineraries to get a taste of your school’s next adventure.

Note: Remember, these sample itineraries can be modified to suit your learning objectives and budget. The prices are guides only and subject to change.

Culinary Tour of Japan


9 Days

Cost Per Student

Japan – Commerce & Technology


10 Days

Cost Per Student

A Week Without Walls


6 Days

Cost Per Student

Japan – Society & Culture


9 Days

Cost Per Student

Custom itinerary

Our sample itineraries are an example of what’s possible, based on trips we’ve previously run. For a custom itinerary that caters to your school’s unique needs, please get in touch by completing the form below.

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