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If you do not have a valid passport when completing this Booking Form, please enter your name exactly as it will appear on your new passport and complete the other known fields. If you need to obtain a new passport, please email us a JPEG scan of your new passport to at least 3 months before departure.
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We will only use this information for planning meals, activities or medical treatment in case of emergency on tour if
necessary. In the event of an insurance claim, this information may need to be passed on to insurers and medical providers.
This information will not be used for any other reason, and it will remain confidential.

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Maximum upload size: 4MB
Maximum upload size: 4MB
Maximum upload size: 4MB

If there is any other information you wish you to inform us about including medical documents, permits, authorisation letters, residency stamps please attach the file/s here in JPEG, PDF or Word format. Other file formats not accepted. Max 4MB file.


Occasionally during our student trips, we ask our tour leaders or local guides to take photographs or video of students engaging in service-learning activities, interacting with local people or undertaking a particular activity such as cycling or a building project. The Traveller and Parent/Guardian permit Student Educational Adventures the right to use this promotional material worldwide, licence free, without fees to use these images and words for promotional and marketing purposes should Student Educational Adventures choose to do so. This promotional material may be used without limitations in newsletters, presentations, printed publications, brochures, flyers, emails, banners or social media. Only appropriate, culturally sensitive material will be chosen.

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Payments are not made via this Booking Form. Please contact your school regarding payments and deadlines.


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(Parent / Guardian to sign for children under 18 years of age)

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure all the above details are correct.

Upon submitting this Booking Form, the information you have provided will be emailed to:
1) Student Educational Adventures (your travel provider)
2) The traveller’s email address and the Parent/Guardian’s email address you have provided above
3) Your school

The information you have provided on this form is for the sole purpose of processing your school travel experience. Student Educational Adventures acknowledge that the information presented on this form is highly personal and will be used in strict confidence.

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