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Since 1999, we’ve run school trips exclusively to Asia. Our enduring connection to local communities in Borneo, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam unlocks authentic experiences you can’t access any other way.

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High educational impact

Build your students’ knowledge and skills through life-changing encounters. Our tours offer community service and hands-on learning within an immersive cross-cultural curriculum. Every trip is activity-rich, so your students learn the whole time they’re travelling.

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Insightful, locally-led tours

Instead of importing foreign guides or leaving students to look after themselves, we employ local tour leaders who are experts in working with young people. You’ll be capably cared for by a leader who lives in-country, speaks the language fluently and provides unique local insights.

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Constant safety and support

No matter which part of Asia you’re travelling to, we’re there in person to help if problems arise. Our on-the-ground staff can respond immediately to any crisis, with real-time information, detailed knowledge of local emergency services and the agency to act swiftly.

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Top investment in your tour

Unlike travel companies who outsource their trips to local providers, we operate entirely in-country. By working locally, we reduce our overheads – which means your money goes directly toward your tour, not to overseas administration costs or third party suppliers.

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