For the student group seeking the most adventurous and rewarding journey in Asia, there is no country equal to Myanmar. In the last 100 years over half of the world’s countries have been renamed with Myanmar being no exception. Since 1989, Burma has become Myanmar and its capital, Rangoon, has become Yangon and so on. Whatever you call it...
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As you admire the beauty of what was once the most prominent empire in Southeast Asia, you must simultaneously try to come to terms with one of human kind’s most tragic events, when over one third of the country’s population perished under the Pol Pot regime.Today, Cambodia is one of the safest and most welcoming countries in the...
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From its fantastic metropolises to its storybook landscapes, China makes for a mesmerising trip for adults and students alike. SEA offers a variety of itineraries designed for students of economics, cultural studies, history and politics, or for those who simply want to enjoy this modern juggernaut.Students of history will find something unique around every corner. The Maoist past, juxtaposed...
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Owing to its unique land-locked geographical position in Southeast Asia, Laos is a beautiful country and one of the region’s less-travelled and least understood destinations.Surrounded by mountains and bordered to the west by the mighty Mekong River, beautiful temples and remote hill tribe villages, the country is inhabited by several distinctly different ethnic minorities and a mainstream population wh...
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Whilst Malaysia’s peninsula states offer some delightful places of interest for student visitors: the former Portuguese trading town of Malacca and the vibrant Chinese city of Penang to name two, it is the country’s Eastern provinces of Sarawak and Sabah that are the real attraction for school groups seeking adventure and education.This large island region still commonly refe...
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Nestled in the geographical heart of Asia, Thailand is one of the most alluring and culturally rich countries in the world. Whilst the cities are becoming more westernised, the outer regions retain many relics of Thailand’s fascinating history, such as the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. The landscape is diverse with pristine national parks, untamed rivers and wild el...
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With friendly people, picturesque landscapes and its always interesting culture, Vietnam is a fabulous destination for student travellers of any age. From its quiet country villages to its Confucian temples, it is a country of contrasts that offers those who visit an authentic and memorable Asian travel experience. The Vietnamese are a warm and hospitable people and never fail to...
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Consisting of 18,110 islands within the province of South East Asia, Indonesian is the world's largest archipelagic state, the fourth most populous country in the world and home to the world’s largest Muslim population.A country less travelled than many others in Asia, Indonesia will appeal to anyone keen to explore the volcanoes, majestic mountains, untouched rain forests, coral reefs, an...
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Student Educational Adventures

School trips to Asia - it’s all we do. Since 1999 we have escorted students from all corners of the world to all parts of Asia, fostering in them an appreciation of societies and facilitating often life changing experiences.

Our programs are not designed for rest & relaxation – they are very comprehensive, activity-rich and designed to give students opportunities they could not experience on a trip with their parents or travelling any other way. Each of the travel programs we can arrange for your students is unique, tailored to your school's specific educational requirements and trip objectives.

Ours are not student – led type trips where students are left to their own devices in the part time care of a foreign overseer. All our trips are run by our own full time staff (not outsourced) meaning that your group is constantly in the care of our tour leaders and in- country staff, appropriately qualified to work with minors. They speak the local language so your students can meaningfully interact with the people they meet and all are first-aid qualified and at your service at all times for the duration of your trip.

Student Educational Adventures also specialises in meaningful service-learning programs, striving to provide students with opportunities for cultural interaction and social development. In short, we can arrange for your students the best itineraries based on your ideas, educational objectives and learning outcomes.